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ZM-LXP70/80 single plate medium speed paper cup machine


    ZM-LXP70/80 Single Plate Medium Paper Cup Making Machine

    Machine Features:

    I.Zm-LXP70/80 automatic medium-speed paper cup forming machine use table style, To separate mould system from transmit system ,the transmission parts are set inside of machine body which under the table.

    The machine are combined with

    1.whole body structure under automatic spray lubrication system;        2.open cam system;

    3.Vertical shaft transmission system;                     4.gear system.

    All moulds are set-up the table ,which are easy for operation .

    II.ZM-LXP70/80 paper cup forming machine use open cam system and single aluminium plate ,which make machine more faster and smaller .And the machine also has sensor alarming and counting system .Machine with Automatic double paper feeding system ,ultrasonic /heating sealing ,oilling,bottom punching,bottom fold,bottom foldingpre-heating ,knurling cup.

    Machine Specifications: